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Centre for Space Sensors and Systems

CENSSS is a Norwegian centre for research driven innovation(SFI) at the University of Oslo, addressing science and technology challenges and business opportunities within New-Space satellites for Earth Observation and within Space Exploration

<<To the Moon and Mars>> 


The New-Space concept, with large numbers of dedicated small and low-cost satellites, is expected to provide opportunities for small nations to acquire their own space capabilities and services, tailored to own needs. And there is a renewed emphasize in the exploration of space, with a planned establishing of a manned base on the moon by 2028 and the further exploration of other planets. CENSSS will address science and technology challenges and business opportunities within New-Space satellites for Earth Observation and within Space Exploration “to the Moon and Mars”.


The research areas underpinning these business innovation areas will be sensor and sensor systems, and New-Space satellites system integration, operation and exploitation. CENSSS shall advance the knowledge frontiers in terms of novel sensors for small Earth Observation satellites, as well as novel sensors for planetary resource mapping and exploitation. CENSSS will take an active part in NASA`s Mars 2020 rover mission.


CENSSS draws together a consortium of leading industrial organisations across Aerospace industry. In CENSSS, these companies work with researchers from the University of Oslo, FFI and UCLA.

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Latest Publications

Ground penetrating radar observations of subsurface structures in the floor ofJezero crater, Mars

Publisher: Science Advances, 8(34), eabp8564, (2022)


Authors: Svein-Erik Hamran, David A. Paige, Abigail Allwood, Hans E. F. Amundsen, Tor Berger, Sverre Brovoll, Lynn Carter, Titus M. Casademont, Leif Damsgård, Henning Dypvik, Sigurd Eide, Alberto G. Fairén, Rebecca Ghent, Jack Kohler, Michael T. Mellon, Daniel C. Nunes, Dirk Plettemeier, Patrick Russell, Matt Siegler, Mats Jørgen Øyan.

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